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Referral Program
At OnlineNIC, we are always looking for ways to improve our relationship with our business partners. As one of OnlineNIC's many satisfied clients, you will want to take advantage of our Referral Reward Program. If you're pleased with OnlineNIC's professionalism and ability to meet your needs, please be sure to let others know. By doing so, you may be able to save your company's money.

How does the program work?

Fill out the online referral reward form, which is for us to record the customer you want to refer so that in future we can verify whether the customer is referred by you or not.

If one of your referrals becomes OnlineNIC's official reseller* (that is, the referral makes the first prepayment no less than $93.9) within 60 days upon your referring date, we will extend a $10 credit to you toward any of OnlineNIC's services. Some restrictions may apply.**

For more information, contact us at

OnlineNIC Resellers can benefit from the Referral Reward Program simply by clicking on "Referral", which you can see from the top bar after logging in with your OnlineNIC ID and password.

OnlineNIC's official reseller: means those resellers who have already purchased at least USD 93.9 of OnlineNIC's services and products. The customers without any transaction history in OnlineNIC will not be qualified for getting benefits from Referral Reward Program.


Credit rewards are nonrefundable. Once your referral makes the first prepayment to become OnlineNIC's client, $10 will be added into your member account in OnlineNIC soon.

If the referral doesn't become OnlineNIC's official reseller within 60 days upon your referring date, you will lose the chance to gain the reward even when the referral would becomes OnlineNIC's client 60 days later.

Referral Reward Program is only open to existing OnineNIC's official Resellers. Non-OnlineNIC's reseller cannot take advantage of this program.

Only the referrals, whose information have been submit via either "Online Referral Reward Form" or regular email to us by you before they become OnlineNIC's reseller indeed, will be regarded as the customer you referred to successfully.

The customer referred must not be involved in current solicitation by OnlineNIC or its sales partners.

In the event of duplicate referrals, only the first referral received is eligible for the award.