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Mail On-the-Fly(TM) Scenario:

Suppose in a company, each staff needs to handle 120 mails per day (on average). With Intra Communicator, 30 sec per mail will be saved (much less steps than generic email), then daily time saving will be: 30x120/3600=1hour, that means 1/8 employee working time is saved! (assume 8 office hours / day). In another phrase:12.5% manpower cost is saved! It is constructive for every company against the crisis.

The Hosted Email Platform that Adapts to Your Business

Traditional Business Email is OUT! Try your new experience of Intra Communication Solution with OnlineNIC Now!

Professional Business Email & free chat EIM; 4 layers intelligent Anti-SPAM engine , 5GBs storage per email box, 300MB Attachment per email , strong anti-spam and anti-virus services as well as whitelisting and blacklisting support. OnlineNIC's business email resellers are provided with a private label solution that lets them offer high quality email hosting services to their clients.

Why choose this?

As a business client:
        Hard to find your colleagues in different departments or locations?
        Hard to search & manage your emails in real-time?
        Hard to prevent your business information from leaking out?
        Hard to deploy mail platform and migrate data?
        Hard to reduce your group communication cost?

As a reseller:
        Hard to find products to reseller with proper margin?
        Hard to get free promotion items to make your own products much more popular?
        Hard to prevent your business information from leaking out?
        Hard to solve data migrate problem when convincing your clients to transfer from other business email vendors?
        Hard to get free email packages from your current vendor and be permitted to sell them at normal price?

If you cannot say "No" as the answer for any one of the above questions , you are in the right place!

It is NOT only Business Email Solution:

Intra Communicator is the only instant messenger that is powered by Mail On-the-Fly(TM) technology.
It is designed not only for real-time communication but also for direct email management!

Reseller Case Scenario:

A reseller who has about 10000 domain names under management, conservatively assume 10% of the domain owners need to setup business email with the domain names (assume 10 boxes/domain), then the yearly revenue for a Platinum reseller will be:

For Normal Packages: $25.99x70%x10x10000x10%=$181,930!

For Free 180 packages: $10.99x70%x10x10000x10%x50%=$38,465!

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