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Important update,

    DNS restrictions will be lifted by the registry on 13th March 2017. From this date, registrants will have choice in terms of the hosting and use of their .tel and you will need to ensure that your systems and processes are able to accommodate this new option from this date.
    From 13th March 2017, the new Telhosting platform will be live and the current Telhosting platform will be shutdown. From this date, any Telhosting customer support requests should be referred to Telnic Support at cservice@telnic.org and Telnic will handle them directly.

What are specific requirements for .Tel domain registration?

1) Anyone can register a .Tel domain name. The .Tel is designed for both individuals and businesses.
2) The term of registration during Sunrise and Landrush is 3 years while general registration is 1-10 years.
3) The minimum number of characters in a .Tel domain is 3 and the maximum number is 63 not including the .Tel suffix. Every domain must contain at least one letter from "a-z" or "A-Z" in standard US ASCII script.
4) No domain can begin or end with a hyphen nor can a domain have a hyphen in the 3rd and 4th position. The symbol like & < > \" ' \ ; can not be accepted.
5) A .Tel domain name may not consist purely of digits. The .Tel naming conventions are described in detail in the Acceptable Use Policy. The reserved list is also available for review.

Are there any restrictions on .Tel domain deletion?

1) Yes, If a domain (newly registered and NOT renewed) is deleted within 72 hours from the registration date, the registration fee will be refundable. If a domain (newly registered and renewed) is deleted within 72 hours from the registration date, the registration fee will NOT be refundable.
2) Yes, only part of new registrations can be deleted for credit during the 3-day Add Grace Period (AGP). The number of grace deletes is related to the volume of new registrations. It should be 6% of the net new registrations. Suppose if the new registrations in that month is X, and the deletes number is Y, and Y must be no more than (X-Y)*6%. For example, if you register 18 domains, you can only delete 1 domain; but if you want to delete 2 domains, you must register at least 36 domains.

Is it possible for registrants to change a .Tel domain name with their own DNS and build a website?

Yes, you are free to use your own DNS pair with respect to the hosting and use of their .tel domain.

How can .Tel domain registrants get their login details of a .Tel domain name?

From 13th March 2017, all support for the Telhosting system will be managed by Telnic. Requests from domain owners for Telhosting should be sent to cservice@telnic.org

Log in OnlineNIC Community TelHosting platform at https://telhosting.onlinenic.com to manage your .Tel contact information page. Learn more here on how to manage your .Tel domain name.

How to integrate AdSense account information within .tel domain names and display AdSense-served adverts on the web proxy page?

You can enable Google AdSense to show on all folders inside a .tel. You need to go to the Settings tab of the CTH, and enter your Publisher ID and the advert IDs for the blocks you wish to display (a maximum of 2 blocks of 250-250px in size is supported). The adverts will show on all subdomains of the domain from all computer browsers, but not on mobiles or .tel lookup applications. Make sure the domain is well populated, so that AdSense has enough information to determine which advertisements are most appropriate.

End-Users can get more help and tips online from telnic forum, at: http://www.telnic.org/forum or tips online at http://telnic.org/community-faq.html

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