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Payment Info
Besides sending payment through credit card and Paypal from your Reseller Control Panel, you can also use bank transfer or send check, money order to us:

"Wire Transfers"

You can send payment to us via Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer). Please note that all the charges of the Wire Transfer will be paid by our resellers. Please use the following Instructions for the Wire Transfer. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW IS CORRECTLY HANDED TO YOUR BANK.

Please make sure your Company name and OnlineNIC account ID appear in the sender section of the wire transfer so that we can expedite to credit the correct account. If you have wired the funds to us but the payment has not been credited into your account, please contact us with the details of the Wire Transfer, your Reseller ID, your Company Name, Date, Originating Bank, Transferred Total Amount, and your Bank Account Number. We shall verify the information and credit your account appropriately.

Wire Transfer Details:
To see our Wire Transfer details, please login with your OnlineNIC account ID and password at

Cheque/Money Order

To view the address information where you send checks or money orders to us, please navigate to Add Funds under Account Management category in your account panel.

Note: When you wire the funds or send Cheque/ money order to us, please clearly indicate your OnlineNIC account ID and better notify us with the payment details so that we could credit your account timely.


OnlineNIC will refund any unused funds in your account. However, there may be an additional adjustment charge to reflect higher prices you would have paid for a lower volume of registrations. For example, if you originally prepaid $859 for 100 domains (Platinum level), but decide to close your account after registering 10 domains (Bronze level), your account balance is $773.1. After a price adjustment fee of $13.00, $760.1 will be returned to you. The $13.00 charge reflects the $1.30 price difference between Bronze and Platinum level resellers for the 10 domains you registered. Please contact our sales at if you wish to close your account.

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