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Mailchat is more than an Email APP

Mailchat supports all popular email services:

(1) Chat across email contacts.
(2) Groups chats at your will.
(3) Manage multiple email accounts at the same time.
(4) Real time push email.

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More features:

(5) It supports all popular email services:
— Google Mail
— Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook, Live)
— Yahoo mail
— iCloud
—Other emails which IMAP and SMTP are enabled.
(6) Share pictures,through dialogue.
(7) Quick search through contacts and messages.
(8) Customize email and message's notification.
(9) Sync multiple mailboxes from all your providers in a Unified Interface.
(10) Ability to attach unlimited files and photos in one email.
(11) Quick search through your emails and messages and present the result.
(12) Quick filters - Easily filter emails by unread/starred.
(13) Industry-leading security system to protect your email and message.
(14) Lock screen if enabled.
(15) Intelligent management in your contacts. Auto detect the contacts your communicate often and stay it on top.