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Powerful DNS-DIY tools, Do It Yourself in One Minute!

DNS-DIY, Do It Yourself In One Minute!
Are you fed up with the complicated DNS records setting for your domains? Take it easy, it won't be a headache for you any more. Try our powerful yet easy-to-use DNS-DIY, you will put yourself in the driver's seat and get all the DNS Records set up for your domains in one minute.
Totally Free of Charge

Yes, exactly, all the DNS Services will be totally free for each domain registration. You can put all the financial worries aside now. OnlineNIC is the best place to maximize value for all your domain names and the best choice to save your money.

 A Record

 Record with Priority

 URL Forwarding

 Email Forwarding

 CNAME Record

What Is Special?

1. Fully Customizable: You can put on your own banner and design, use your own DNS which is pointed to our DNS for every DNS Service. Your customers will never know the existence of OnlineNIC by using DNS-DIY.

2. Available Directly for Your Customers: Your customers can log in directly with their domains and domain administration passwords at to do DNS services.

3. It Supports Wide Range of Domains: Except for multilingual domain names, any domain name registered with OnlineNIC can take advantage of our DNS-DIY Services. Such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .cn, .us, .cc, .tv, etc.

4. TTL Setting: You can set your own TTL. It allows for near real time changes to your domain name instead of having to wait 12 to 24 hours for your DNS Services to take effect.

5. MX Record with Priority: You can set up your MX Record with priority to secure the delivery of your mails.

6. CNAMES Record: You can map more than one name to your computer.

Try it out

1.  Three Ways of Login

First, log in with your reseller id and password at to your reseller control panel, and then go to "DNS-DIY" section, or go to the domain list under "Manage Domains" section.

Second, log in at with your reseller id and password.

Thrid, log in at with your domain and domain administration password.

2.  Customize Your DNS-DIY:

Change the DNS: Add the domain which you are using as DNS at, then create CNAME Records for and so that they can be pointed to ns1.DNS-DIY.netand

Find Profile at the left top of, follow the procedures to change the banner, banner text, header text, footer text and DNS.

After you finish customizing your DNS-DIY, you may click DNS at the left top to return to DNS Services interface.

3.    Setup Records:

Add your domains for which you would like to do DNS services, follow the procedures to setup A Record, MX Record, CNAME Record, URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding for your domains.

4.    Simple Style:

If you prefer to use the simple style of DNS Services, you may still use it by clicking on the link of simple style at

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